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Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010-

Duck lips my boyfriend got my addicted to doing. LOLLLLL I look hella fcking weird !
Hi, meet my double chin :) LOL Oh yeah, i trimmed the top of my hair today & died it more black at the bottom. Not too big of a difference but i like it !
LOL I didn't know what else to do. -.-
I kinda like smiling now !
Yeah, i use that other mirror to see side views of me. It's kinda weird looking at yourself looking at something else ... LOLL But its cool !
Whoah. I didn't know my hair was long O.O I want it to about my belt ! It looks so frizzy ! I didn't straighten it well ):
BIG SEXY HAIRRR. I want that hair spray brand. LOL
The lighting is so orange. I didn't wanna change it though LOL It looks like i got a dimple, but its just my EXTREMELY high, puffy cheekbones !
My outfittttt. LOL Hella last minute & thrown together. I only took 20 minutes to get ready ! :D
I don't understand how people can take pictures from down, up & still look good. I look horrible -.- LOL + how to people take lying down pictures and look good ?!?! >:/
So here ya go. If you haven't noticed, i have REALLY high cheekbones. And, their hella chubby ! LOL That's why i used to NEVER smile, they're hella ugly ! Ehh, i dont hate them TOO much now. I just realized that some people want high cheekbones. I don't understand why. LOL

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