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Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet my dog, Baby-

Meet my dog, baby ! He's spoiled :) & yes, baby's a boy. Everyone gets confused cause we treat him like a girl. He's sleeping on his ' girlfriend '.
He's trying to be elegant. LOL He poses when we take pictures.
His eaaaaars are adorable. LOL He has so much toys -.-
" Spoiled " pillow. LOL This picture is creepy. He looks like he's smiling !
I don't understand how he knows thats a pillow. LOL How the fuck does he know what to do with it !
I love baby. LOL He's hella weird. He crawls on the edge of sofas acting like a cat. Licks his paws like a tiger. Eats grass like a fucking cow. That pussy is scared of cats, raccoons, & everything else that moves. He's seriously like a baby. LOL But besides all that, i love him !

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