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Friday, January 15, 2010

January 14, 2010-

On my sister's car to Serra ! I hate this picture, i just like my lips here. LOL, so don't look @ my face please !
Hehhhhh. Babe's bandaid :) I hella wanted to fix his booboo.
I like my hair here. Looks kinda oily though :/
I'm all posing & shit while babes like " wtf ? " LOL I'm a camera whore !
Hehe, i love this lighting ! My uglyass teeth ruins everything >:/
Outfit. I got that top a few months ago i think. Everyone has it ! Haha, i was gonna return it but i never remembered. So i kinda just threw it on. & yes, i like tucking in some tops. LOL I think its pretty.
I'm trying NOT to edit any pictures anymore ! The only pictures i edit are outfit ones. Other ones = natural lighting. LOL

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