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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010-

Walk to Irving ! My boyfriend didn't wanna concentrate on taking pictures. So he just walked ahead of me and clicked without looking. They turned out horrible ! :/ But thats okay. I still love him !
I didn't edit ANY of these except the last picture which is black and white. I'm trying to not edit pictures anymore cause i wanna keep them more ... ' real ' ? LOL Does that make sense ?
Ew, i look chubby ! LOL
Since he wouldn't take it, i will myself ! Hmphhhhhhh !
AHHHHHHHHHH. I like this one ! Sorry, i wouldn't normally put up kissing pictures but eh, this one isn't disgusting. LOL Just a lil peckkkkk. I like the lighting & the sun ray. Haha, i didn't even edit it ! :D
I'm supposed to be ' laughing '. LOL I like taking pictures like this now. Except my teeth are a bit messed up. Tehehehe
It would've looked natural if my arm wasn't there. -.-
LOLLLLLLLLLL :D I haven't done my kissy face for a while. I used to LOVE it.
Those looks he gives me. LOL
It's REALLY hard extending your arm out & trying to stay in position. Kinda got it ?
This is the only picture i edited. It wasn't all that nice anyways. LOLL This one, its obvious i took it. We look so far apart !
" I've been waiting for someone like you ... all my life. "

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