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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let me share with you-

My day was ... really long & tiring. Went to school in Foot locker sweats & a boy hoodie. LOL I DIDNT take any pictures. I looked like a boy ! Hehhh, & i got a buncha weird looks from everyone. W/e though, i really like not dressing up. I might do it more often. It's kinda dumb, i see people dressed their best today. LOL It's finals week & aren't you tired ?!?!? Uhhh, got home @ 1. Changed & chilled for a while. Went to Irving w/ babe. Got KFC :D & a little argument on the way home ): It's funny though. I get mad .. then he gets mad that i'm mad. & then we're both mad. He hits things while i tear up. Uhhh .. then we're in silence for like 5 minutes. Then we glance at each other every so often. & then we run into each others' arms & hug for 10 minutes. -.- I can't stay mad at him & he can't stay mad at me. LOL Well anyways, hugged for the longest time. I love those " Don't leave me ! " hugs. Then we talked things out the rest of the way home. Ate. Chilled. Watched TV. & he fell asleep -.- Uhhhh .. by the time he woke up, he had to go ): LOL So i've been " doing homework ". Waiting for Sandy to reply cause i wanna know what was on the test ! Yup, pretty boring. Tomorrow's gonna be chilledddd. P.E final & English. Nothing much to study. I gotta KINDA dress up 2m cause i gotta go to serra afterschool. Sister's gonna come pick me uppppp. Friday, i'm thinking about not going to school. Im way too tired -.- I want to sleep in ! So how was your day ?!

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