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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nighttttt Loves ♥

I'm gonna sleep. I'm so sick of studying, i'm probably gonna fail anyways. Ughhhhhh, im getting sick cause im THAT stressed ): Tomorrows the last day of hard tests though. Thursday & Friday is gonna be hella chilled ! Yayyyyy. Afterschool tomorrow = Irving w/ babe. Then we're gonna shop online & order each other anniversary presents ! :D LOL It's not gonna be a surprise but i'd rather like my gift then have it a surprise. I don't want him wasting any money ! I'm excited :))) I'm gonna get the ring i posted ! I'm just not sure which one. Anyways, on Thrusday, my sister's gonna come pick me up from school & bring me to shop at Serramonte. Yayyyyyyyyyyy ! Mkay, just 3 more hours of hardcore testing & everything will be okay. Idk if i can get through it. Ughhhhhh. Mkay, i think i need more sleep. I'd prob do better if i get rest. Nights ! :)P.S: Sorry for my constant ramblings :/
^ Inbox cleared out !
^ It was for fun, he's gonna delete it soon. But he answered all the questions. LOL Well, i typed cause he was lazy & wanted to delete it before answering. I thought that was mean. But yeah, go check it out ? My boyfriend is boring :))))

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