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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hiii ! So im in Chinese class :) I have 20 minutes to killl so imma blogggg. I haven't been posting recently :/ Anyways, lemme run through yesterday; The rain & wind & thunder & lightning scared the crap outta me. I had a bad hair day at schoool :/ Got an 80.1% B in math & an A in Chinese. I got hella lucky in algebra ! 80.1 ?!?! LOOL Umm slacked off yesterday. Didn't feel like doing shit in class. Went home & ate alfredo while watching For the love of rayj LOL NOOO Lucious went home ! :/// She was pretty ! Hm then babe left & I shopped around online. Started homework realll late :/ Babe called at around 8 sayng he's gonna drop by :) He bought me & my sister some sago & stayed for 15 minutes. LOL It was sweeet :)) I LOVE that he has a license. Uh... Printer had no ink. Pissed me offfff. Slept at midnight :///. I kinda like my fit todayyy. Its simple ! Im wearing 4 layers though so I look fattttt. Hehe :) Prettty good day so far. Dentist after school ... Creeeeepy! Ugggggh, don't wanna go. Mkay I killed 10 minutes. Gonna go ! Bye lovessss :))

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