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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

War by Jay Sean

This is no new song, i know. I've never really liked it until this weekend. My boyfriend used to LOVE it & i was always wondering why. He told me that it's EXACTLY what he felt 2 years ago at this time when we were kinda tripping. So you guys know that there was this .. other guy involved right ? This is pretty much exactly how it went downnnn. Take a listen !

" Won't let him just take the place of me. Does he really know you like i know you all the litthe things ? Does he really love you like i love you, how can he compete ? "

" Cause he don't wanna leave, & i don't wanna go. "

" You know he's not the man you think he is. He's hiding all his flaws. "

" It's getting kind of hard to convince you "

" Getting kinda sick of this battle. Wish i could take it back to when i had you. I'm always thinking that i can have you ... just let him have you. "

" What, would you let this all happen ? You gotta choice to make it stop. It's already going too far. "

Holy crap. How can a song match so perfectly ?!?! LOLL It's crazy. But yeah, reminiscing a lilll bit ! Hehe, boyfriend just called telling me he's gonna drive out & can stop by to bring me some dessert :))

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