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Saturday, January 30, 2010


whered you get the blazer from? how much

Forever 21 for $23 ! I can't find the link online :/

sometimes i just wannna scream. alksjdfjdlks. how do you vent?

Everything i've tried to get rid of stress: Talking to someone, cutting, punching walls, cutting paper, screaming, dancing, singing, exercising, & blogging. Some of the things i've tried are stupidddddddd ! LOL Either vent to someone you trust or blog it ! It helpsss :D

I like your nails! Do you ever do your nails without all those art stuff, like only nail polish? & do you ever cut it short accidentally?

Thanks ! LOL Nu uh, not anymore. It HAS to be all complicated or i hate it :/ Yeaaaah, i break my nails every so often but they grow REALLY quickly for me !

whatd you buy at serremonte today? :]

A VS bra, a blazer, a men loose t-shirt, a video game for my boyfriend, & a birthday present for my nephew ! :)

what did you get frank for your two year if he got you that perfume thingy? :]

LOL He got me roses, rings, & perfume set. I got him a ring & i got him call of duty modern warfare 2. He spent a lot more & i feel bad ):

Is there a girl at your school named Luara? I think she is Filipino & she has like hair as long as yours & she has bangs & she's a sophmore like you. Bad description, but does she go to your school? (As far as you know.) Thank you so much! :)

LOL Not that i know of O.O Then again, i don't know much people @ Wash ! I'm sorry :/

hey you said you'd take the oppurtunity to throw your past away and start a new life (quote graphic) so does tht mean leaving frank and fam?

Nu uhhhh ! Theres just a few things that i would do differently. But for the most part, i love the people in my life !

My apple sauce tastes like shit D; it takes like theres a whole bunch of water in it :/ but i cant stop eating it -.-

O.O Interesting ... LOL i haven't had apple sauce in the longest time !

lol im surprised no one took your new sn before

Lolll, ' XSTEPHHUNNIE ' was taken but lower cased wasn't :D

I don't care about BOTB either LOL, I've gone to the last two football games, and they're boring.

LOLL I've never went to any ! It just doesn't interest me :/

LOLOL, yeah! I had to minimize it...I couldn't take it. Hopefully it wasn't toooo bad to handle :X

LOLLL It was pretty bad ): But yeah, i know what went on so technically, i watched the entire thing ! :D

you are nice

Loll, thanks O.O

Boyfriend stuff: hes not kidding and it pisses me off. He never seems to put effort in things like calling me when I'm mad. An I confronted him and he said "I wanted to give you space cause you're mad" should I believe that???? Or does it seem Like just a lame excuse. I don't know what to do. I really need advice!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

LOL My boyfriend says that too ! Hm, when guys are mad, they usually need time to cool off. So they assume we do too ! Just tell him that when your mad, you want to work it out. NOT be alone. LOL He most likely won't do it again :) I hope this helps & your welcome !

'Your lame for not liking basketball' how much more immature can an anonymous post get?

LOLLLL ! Agreed.

what's new SN?


hey steph, where do u get ur sweatshirts from ?

Target & Ninas :)

DO u wear unisex clothes?

I get clothes from the men section & since i'm a girl, i guess that makes it unisex ? LOL Idk but yeah, i wear a lot of guy clothes !

ahhhh. i'm like check every minute to see if you answeed my question D: no pressure tho

O.O Ahhhh, sorry. Ahaha, boyfriend was over last night so i left the comp early !

whats botb

Battle Of The Birds. It's a game between Wash & Lowell !

so uhm this guy that is flirty he was tlaking to my friend on aim. and he doesnt like her and she doesnt like him. and he was like "i'd rather tlak to (my name) instead of you" and also "(my name) is way prettier than're ugly" my friend said he brought up my name in the convo without her mentioning my name. but i dont think its that special cause i think he only said my name since me and my friend are in a class with the guy and he only knows us two (for girls). what do you think of what he said about me?

First off, that's kinda mean ! LOL Why would he even say shit like that in general ?! :/ Uhhh, he seems to mention you a lot so your probably always running through his mind ! It's a good thing, but he sounds kinda ... mean in general.

Your lame for not liking basketball, shoulda went.

I love playing basketball. Watching it is boring. I don't care about BOTB ! So what ? :D

did you go botb

Naaaah, i don't like watching basketball !

hi stephanie LOL

Hi ! LOLL :)

i think serramonte is kinda boring, u always go there. hahahaha

Loll, nahhhh. I love it there !

did anyone approach you at school yet? just wondering =]

Yeah, only one. LOL She told me my blog is interesting & fun ;)

do you think you're kinda self-centered and shit?

Lol nope. My blog probably makes me sound like it cause i talk about myself a lot. But uh .. its a personal blog about my life ! Am i supposed to talk about everyone else or about MYSELF and what i go through ? LOL, think about it.

what do you think of snooki's pooof?

LOL I've only watched one episode of Jersey Shore. I think it's ridiculously big & kinda .. crazy. LOL

what did you do today?=)

Hi ! I went to my bestfriends' boyfriends house :) Me, Frank, Jeanie, & Dennison just hung out. LOL We watched " Definitely, Maybe " & pigged outtttt ! Came home for dinner & i did my nails :) Thanks for asking ! Hehe

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