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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let me share with you-

Helllllllo ! So i'm just gonna rant a little about my day :) Got up at like 11:00 to a kissssss ! Heeeeeh, what a sweetie. Talked about China & stuff in bed for an hour. Go ready by 2:00 ! & left for Serramonte. There was a model @ serra signing autographs ! Her name is Chelsea Co & shes kinda a ... nudeish model. LOLLL interesting .. ANYWAYS ! I tried out my coupon @ VS since dumbass Stonestown wouldn't let me. LOL It worked ! So i bought a 40$ bra for only 30$ ! That's pretty cheaaaaap :D I bought a black blazer from F21. I've been wanting one for the longest time ! Ummm, got babe ' Modern Warfare 2 '. Said i was never gonna buy him a game but he wanted it SO bad i felt SO SO SO bad. LOL Got my nephew a birthday present ! Got my dad a mini model of Bud Light. ITS SO CUTE ! LOL Jeanie & Den came but we had to leave like 30 minutes after they got here ): Stopped by at home & then left for hokkaido buffet ! It was my aunts birthday so there was a ton of family members. Me & babe walked all the way to target at like 9 LOL I got binder paper, tennis balls, & a mens t-shirt ! Yuuuuup, end of day. LOL We're going to play tennis tomorrow @ the rec so i should do some homework tonight ! Yeaaaaah. Babe's not sleeping over tonight so i can blog :D ... Uhhhhh, yup. End of rant. Goodbye !

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