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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New site / Keep talking ..

I have a confession ...
So last night, i couldn't sleep because RANDOMLY this thought of a factual blogger site came up. LOL & i had so many facts i wanted to write, i couldn't fall asleep. :X i'm crazy. So this site will be more of what i feel, my day & shit. But i guess thats sometimes too much to read & it gets boring so i decided to make something a little more interesting ? LOL, i hope i don't run outta facts ! and i hope i write one everyday. I have a HUGE headache and i haven't started hw. Ive been working on the other blog site for freaking 3 hrs now -.- I'm so indecisive on what i want :). But yeah, i'm done. Its simple but nice. I wanted to write more then 1 fact today but i gotta control myself. LOL, otherwise i'd go waccckkooo. Alrightys, i'm gonna start hw !
Fuck the rumors ! Keep spreading bitches, cause i could care less. It's actually kind of funny now that i think about it. I've learned not to let this stupid shit get to me. Grow up & stop making shit up. Your wasting your time -.-

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