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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I won't waste another second on you ..

I have a confession ..
Drama, Drama, & more drama. Highschool is so stupid. Hm, really busy yesterday and i didn't have time to post. Just gonna update on what happened today. Huge cramps since last night. It kept me up and i got up at 2:00 to take painkillers. & since Tylenol isn't strong enough, i had to eat this other med. Woke up in the morning & the cramps came back. Took painkillers again. Stopped the cramps for a few hours and it came back, AGAIN. Running in gym made it so much worse. ): Rawrrrr. I wish guys could experience some of this -.-. I'm hoping my cramps would go away by 2m. I had a nice outfit planned today but i was so lazy, i threw on a hoodie, put on flat boots, and clipped my hair up. Today was the worst i've ever looked @ school. -.- ANYWAYS; stupid drama over a blogging site. LOL, to that one person, if your reading this. If its who i think it is, fuck you. If its not, my bad for assumptions. But, i guess i'll never find out. Oh wells, i'm not gonna waste another minute thinking about it. Btw, its so stupid how you voted everything boring after. LOL i would've left it but when i thought about it, idc if you guys think its boring or interesting. If i get more views, obviously theres people coming back to read my shit. I knew someone would fuck with me and vote everything broing, which is funny. LOL if its so boring, don't come back -.- I don't care ! LOL ANWAYS, so now i changed it to " Did you know that ? " Yeahhhh. I think i'd rather know the answer to that. Okie dokes, i should get started on my homework & sleep early. Oh and damnit, i think im getting sick ): ...

I'm usually NEVER this mean but if your gonna be a bitch, i'll just be a bigger bitch back. And trust me, i'm goddamn good at it.


  1. Uhm...if you're talking about's a different Megan..? &Just to make sure you know who this is, it's the Megan that went to APG. Megan Hui. Yeeah, just making sure so you don't like hate me for thingking I'm someone else. Haha.

  2. &Btw, I didn't vote anything I said, I feel like I can really I wouldn't do stupid shit like try to mess your blog up or something.

  3. Ohh, i remember you. Haha, don't worry, i'm not trippin bout it.

  4. Lol, ohkay. Cuz when I first read that I was like...oh shit..she thingks I'm crazy. Hahaha. Like all of a sudden when you were talking about how you got 1000 views I was, maybe I should tell her I read it. Cuz I started reading in the beginning I thingk...when you first started posting.