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Friday, September 25, 2009

Get the fuck outta my life ...

I have a confession ...
Babes sleeping over tonight so hes here right nowww. I dont wanna bore him so imma make this one quick. First off, my day. Cramps in the morning, but Tylenol helpedddddd. Hmm, school was .. boring as usuallll. Came home & babe cooked for me :) Went to stones & shoppppped. Tried on hella shit again cause babe said " Its your day ". AGAIN ! LOOL Tehehe :) Thanks babesterrrr ! Hmmm .. bought a hella cute hoodie & a sweater to wear with leggings. Ate with babee, went to traitor joes to stock up the fridge. Called up Jeanie and Den and we met up on the bus & went to eat at this one restaurant @ noriega. It wasn't that greatt but something new again. Went to golden island like always and bought some shit. Walkkkked homeeee. Chilled @ my house for a while. And yeah, i had a pretty good day considering how sweet babe was. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Your always there for me when everyone else walks out. Now, on a more serious topic.
I'm done with this. I'm done, its done. Just don't bother me anymore please. I don't want anymore effort, just get out of my life. I'm serious, GO. I'm so sick of you. You piss the shit outta me & your just full of shit. Everything that comes outta your mouth is a bunch of lies and i don't wanna hear it. Trust me, you won't hear from me anymore. I'm so done with this. I don't need it anyways.

" And i swear, i care about everything but these bitches. "

So much fucking drama & shit going on. So many people getting on my damn nerves. I gotta stop talking shit bout them though but seriously, they fucking irritate me ! Gossssiped with jeanie a lot today. She understands everything ! LOL Love her :D Maybe i'm PMSing though .. hm .. LOL Anways, thanks for listening to me !
Mkays, imma go accompany babe cause hes bored. Ending it here ! Byeeee :) Oh yeah, serra with babe 2m ! I can't waittt ! :D Everyday with him has been absolutely perfect. I fucking swear ! :) I love you babe. Happy almost one year & eight months.

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