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Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love frank :) ...

I have a confession ..
Busy busy busy so hella quick blog. First of all, this one bitch is annoying the shit outta me. GET YOUR OWN SHIT. for the last time. Don't copy what i do & say but just mix the words around. Yeah, it could be a coincidence but after over 20 times ? i dont think so. If this happens again, i'll speak up. Idk, i don't wanna start a fuss outta it but someones gonna have to knock some sense into you. I guess it'll be me. Nextt, its gonna be hothothtohoththot !! Heat wave, love it :) LOL wearing shorts 2m >:) alright, i'll add like 3 pictures and just end it here. Gotta blow dry my hairrr & read my fucking chem textbook. OH, and imma get my hair done again soon :)
P.S: I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE frank. Haddd a cuteass day with him. Made me fucking laugh uncontrollably. Your so adorable :) I love you babeeeeesterrrrrr

" All that i'm after is a life full of laughter as long as im laughing with you :) "

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