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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Admit it/ My day/ What i'm going through ...

I have a confession ..
I'm being to realize how stupid i am to keep trying. I think your full of bullshit & lies. Honestly, i could care less about you. Your starting to make me hate you. I can't even describe what i feel right now. All this time, i believed all those lies. Stop trynna make yourself look good & pretending to care. I'm the victim, not you, don't get it wrong. It's so obvious you don't give a shit so why can't you admit it and stop putting on that dumb act that isn't working anyways. Open your fucking eyes & realize what the fuck your doing. I used to care but right now, i just wanna beat the living shit outta you. Fuck this !

" If you don't like me, who the hell cares, but at least admit it. "

Haha, that was harsh. ;x w/e fuck it though. I'm going through so much right now, you can't even imagine. Haha, i'd like to see you guys dealing with a death, having NO one there for you, stressing out in school, having constant arguments, being paranoid, & feeling so alone. I'm fucking miserable right now, you can't even imagine. It's ridiculous how you guys are treating me. Ughhh, lifes a pain in the ass right now & i'm feeling so much emotions i can't even describe ! Anyways, on to my day. So, babe slept over & we slept in till like 12. Did nothing for a few hours and then went to stones. I got a make up bag from Victoria Secret cause imma use my other one as a pencil case :) + you get a free mini lipgloss, its adorable. Hm, bought a tank from ninas. Went around the entire mall & did hella random shit. OH ! and babe bout me a banana split with mint, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. As you all know, i'm hella down so he tried to do everything he could to cheer me up. LOL i thought he'd be annoyed if i tried everything on but instead he said " go ahead, its your day ". :D Hm .. wanted to eat a nice dinner tonight so we went to olive garden. Dude, we waiting like freaking an hr for a seat. 15 minutes my ass. LOL went to borders to read the new seventeen magazine cause my dad didn't know i subscribed to it & threw my magazine away thinking it was just advertisement shit. LOL IM SADD. but i read it & it was real boring. Seventeen magazine sucks -.- i wish i realized that before i subscribed. LOL i love cosmopolitan though, its really good. ANYWAYS, so finally we got a seat. I got a steak alfredo, babe had a shrimp & chicken alfedo, we shared this bread appetizer thing .. it was REALLY good, & had salad + soup + bread sticks. Yuuuuuuuuum ... we spent like 57$ though. LOL -.- helllla crazy. Everyone thinks olive garden sucks & the last time i tried it, it did. But really, its not that bad. Its just overpriced but the food is actually deliciousssss. Dude now i feel hungry again ! Hehe, thaaanks babe for bringing me there. It was nice to eat at a good restaurant, haven't done that with friends in a while. Everyones always broke so we always gotta go to random shit. Right now, hes the only one i have & the only one who's forreals there for me. Thank you so so so so so much. I fucking love youuuuuuuu<3 Well, hes sleeping over again but he already fell asleep for an hr. LOL looooser. Mkay, imma go scare him :D Byeeeee.

" I love it when my fingers are entangled in yours, my head is on your chest, & i'm listening to your heart beat. It makes me feel like nothing could ever go wrong & i'm totally, completely safe with you. "

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