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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Imma burnt marshmallow ! ..

Hello :) .. So uh, yesterday was pretty hot & we went to the beach. I'm a fuckin burnt marshmallow. Sucks LOL .. i NEVER tan, i BURN. :/ Anyways, hm im starting this journal with quotes and shit so i guess ill take pics of them and put them up sometime. Babe brought his computer over for me to use :) MUHAHA now i got 2 screens & i can play games. Ahah, pretty sick. I kinda want him to build me one too but im not sure yet. GAH, i want a bigass dog hella bad. Maybe my dad will be in a good mood when he gets back from china and MAYBE i could get one .. LOL Uhm .. so its like frekin 2 PM and im still home in my pjs. We don't know hwere to go so idk if i should get ready or not. Vivs friend brought over KFC :) Maybe i should eat .. im starving. Gah, this entry is random & a lil boring. Well, i dont have much serious shit i wanan post up. Okie, imma go eat now (:

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