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Friday, July 17, 2009

Crazy in love ..

I Have a Confession ..

Love makes people do crazy things. After all you've put me through, there's no doubt in my mind that i still wanna be with you. I'm madly in love with you.

ANYWAYS; Hm, just got up. Yuup, slept in today. LOL no idea what im doing today though. It was gonna be stones/ ymca but i dont feel like doing something active. Today is sunny :) .. puts me in a better mood. Oh yeah, my parents let me get a new comp :) Well actually, my friends are buildin it but yeah, they approved it ! AAAAH. I'm excited. Hm, i haven't got time to upload any pics ><>:[ .. If shes readin this, she sucks LOL Hm .. i think shes back soon though .. ish .. LOL no idea. IM STARVINGGGGG but i gotta wait for my sister to cook breakfast/ lunch. Oh yeah, so since my dad is staying in china for a couple of months longer, ive been home alot and i have to learn how to survive on myself. So, this summer, i learned how to wash the dishes, cook for myself, and all that house shit. I wanna learn how to do the laundry though. LOL Gah, i have antoher confession. I fuckin miss china. Idk why but theres just this feeling when your there. You just feel so loved by my family there, theres absolutely no stress, and you pretty much spend all you want and do w/e you like. I miss that .. i guess its not that bad here but i can honestly say, i'm not as happy. I would wanna go again next year with no doubt. Oh well, dreading over that doesn't do any good. Okie, im gonna go get ready now, to whereever i'm going .. o.O MARLENE + JEANIE. WAAAAAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPP. LOL mkays, bye :)

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