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Saturday, April 4, 2009

You got a brain, now use it ..

I got a mother fuckin' confession ..
I fuckin hate biters. Haha, i've been like this since like .. 6th grade ? Freals though, get your own shit & start your own ideas. You got a brain, think for yourself & don't just take my work. I guess it just means they like it but sometimes it gets real irritating. Well .. me having a really bad day is adding to my frustration. Haha, i'll post another blog about why cause it's really off the topic. Haha, if the ones who bit offa my shit is reading this, sorry i'm being hella bitchy bout it. I'll stop trippin bout it in a while, just gotta gimme some time to chill.
P.S.: Hah, the pic has NOTHING to do w/ this .. oh well ! Couldn't find anything else.

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