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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Realized that nothings quite that bad ..

I have a confession ..
I guess things were too good to be true. Just yesterday, it felt like there were infinite reasons to be happy. All the friend drama is worked out, Spring break is starting, i'm going to Reno in a couple of days, there's no hw to stress about, and i finally have time to chill w/ my friends. I should have known it would only last a day. So today i stayed home & it was boring as fuckk. When do i ever stay home on a Saturday -.- .. seriously ? Hahaaaa, shit sucks ! I ended up doing homework & playing basketball w/ Vivian and Christian. Basketball was fun though, i actually got to laugh a little. I could've chilled w/ friends but we can't ever think of something to do anymore. Well it means that we've hung out so much & did practically everything but it fuckin sucks cause we end up hanging out w/ other people. Ahaha, then again if i think about it, things arn't that bad. Tomorrow is a new day, imma live up my spring break. Haha, i need some shopping ! Maybe i'll go to DT 2m :) I has just ONE bad day .. i shouldn't make it ruin my whole break. Only about 40 days of school left ! Hella excited for summer LOL Anyways, i think imma post another blog later but for now, i'm gonna end it here. Haha, this started out as a hella sad confession but now its like a happy blog .. weird .. okay bye :)
"You see it all in my smile, you hear it all in my laugh. No, i'm no longer sad. Ive got more reason to smile more now than i've ever had. Open my eyes & realized that nothing's quite that bad. I've got a different approach to dealin' w/ emotion. Keeping my head to the sky, keeping tears outta my eyes unless happiness be the reason that i decide to cry. Lifes too short to dwell on all that's wrong. "

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