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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good ass day .. :)

I have a confession
I had a really good day :) Finally got to spend time w/ just the girlsss. Haha, it was real fun and i laughed my ass off today. Oh, and i LOVE the weather ! Why can't it be like this everyday ?! Shitttt, so we just chilled around DT. Hahah, did some stupidass things. Only w/ them would i be crossing busy streets by dodging cars, walking at 7:00 in an alley way w/ light clothing on, being honked by a police cause of walking on a red light, singing randomass songs on the streets, buying a two liter bottle of sunkist & just chugging it, breaking hella tags off random shoes, devastated because rite aid doesn't have ice cream anymore, banging on the doors hoping the worker in h&m would open the doors and let us in, & etc. Haahaaa, funass day though. Haven't had this typa laughter for a whilee :) Wooo, reno 2m ! I'm hella fucking excited ! Ahah, i gotta pack and shit though and im lazy as fuck ! Okay, i'll end it here cause babes behind me telling me to go get dessert w/ him -.- Alrightys, bye :)
" When it hurts to look back and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you & your best friend will be there
. "

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