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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is it worth the love ? ..

I don't feel like writing a confession so i'm gonna just blog. So i haven't wrote for like 3 days cause i was in Reno. Lemme just tell you bout everything on the days w/ out blogs.
April 6
Babe & sister's bf slept over cause we were gonna leave at like 7AM the next day and they couldn't get here that early in the morning. We were all supposed to wake up at 6AM but then they all overslept. Haha, me and frank actually woke up @ the right time but everyone else was sleeping and i felt mean if i had to wake them all up :/ .. Anyways so eventually we got up at like 6:30 & left at around 7:30 ? It was hella sunny there but amazingly there was snow ! We stopped there & had a couple snow ball fight. Haha, that was hilarious & got me laughing my ass off. I was sweating in snow -.- Gross shit. So we got back on the car and eventually got to Circus Circus. Checked in & went up to our room which was on lvl 7. Ummm, washed up, ate a lil, unpacked, & got ready to go down to play. Haha, the games were fuuuun. We won hella shit & i had a really good time. We eventually got bored so we went up for about 1 hr. Played some jumbo cards we bought @ the gift shop & frank took a nap. Went back down, played more & went to dinner. Wow, that buffet was AMAZING. I mean i was hypnotized by the food ! It felt endless & i couldn't even get a chance to try everything before i got food. It was hella fancy too :) Hehe, fav buffet in the worldddd ! & you know those coin pushing machine things where you win tickets ? Yeah, we got fucking hooked on that ! It was amazing though, we won so much tickets. Haha, that made time pass by hella quick and before we knew it, it was like 11:00. We were gonna go out the hotel to take a sight seeing walk and get some snacks but we couldn't leave that damn machine ! Haha, it was hilarious though cause Christian was like " After these last coins, we have to go no matter what happens ! " & then when we used it all up, omfg the coins all shifted outwards & we were like OMFG it'll only take ONE more !! We like dug through our pockets and i found a quarter !!! AHAHA put it in and we decided we needed another " ONE more " -.- .. Christian found like 2 quarters in his pocket. LOL Put that in there, got more tickets, and we forced ourselves to leave. Went up to the hotel & showered. Got ready for bed, watched Family Guy, & slept.

April 7
Idk why but when i woke up that morning, i thought i was in China... AHAH. Yeah, but it was amazing to wake up next to someone you love. Haha, i got to wake up to a kiss on the check and " Babe, its time to wake up " Haha, love him. Anyways, we ate breakfast ( i was craving eggs, bacon, toast, and sausages but we had none >:[ ), went down to play a lil more .. got breakfast at this other buffet. It had the breakfast food i liked ! Wooooooo, yum. Afterwards we went back down to weigh our tickets. Omfggg we haad like what ?! 8,000 !?!? Hahah, we ended up trading it for nothing cause then there were no good prizes :/ We'll go back and change it next time. LOL anywayyyys .. we left at around .. 3-4 ? Dudee, the car ride back was fucking killer ! So we won these 3 bigass balls and i KNEW it couldn't fit in the car but the guys wanted it. So one ball took up a whole seat up to the roof -.- I had to squish w/ frank the whole ride back. Suckkkked & Christian was hugging the ball the whole way. It was hella funnnny. The third one was smaller so it fit on the flooor. Anywayyyys, we ended up stopping at Vacaville outlet :) Spent like 900$ @ Coach. I got another coach bag. i hella like though :) Sorry mommy ! Hmm finally got home and ate dinner, slept. Frank + Christian slept over again. Ahah

April 8
So that brings us to todaay. Hm i got to sleep in & then went out to this restaurant w/ frank, jeanie, alex, & dennison. Haha, it was pretty good but overpriced. Umm, well that brings me here. So my friends are out right now & i'm so down i don't even feel like going out to chill. It fucking hurts when you hear something terrible that the one you love thinks about you. I mean, how do you expect me to ever forget that ? I'll never be able to be myself again .. shit hurts. Haha so i'm alone in my room . I really don't know what i want right now. Life sucks. I thoguht spring break would be absolutely AMAZING but i'm so fucking wrong. A few more days & back to school. I hate alla this shit. I'm going through so much when i never did anything wrong to anyone. I chase you everytime & you just fucking reject everything i do. I mean look @ it from my perspective. It hurts everytime i try to hold your hand and you move away. It hurts when i know i did nothing wrong but i try to hug you anyways while you just stand there. It hurts when you wouldn't even look @ me & all i can do is try not to cry. I'm sick of crying, im sick of trying so hard .. i know i dont deserve all this bullshit but in the end .. i feel like its worth love. People tell me im stupid to put up w/ it but yeah, love makes you do stupid things & obviously im a victim.

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