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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Online conversations lead to ...

I have a confession ..
I hate misunderstandings when you talk to someone online. It happens so easily & just leads to bigger problems. If i'm just discussing something w/ you, you don't gotta get all defensive & start an argument w/ me. I was just asking you something & because of stupid misunderstandings, there we go again; another argument. Misunderstandings happen easily over the internet cause you don't know what tones and emotions are used. Tones & Emotions are really important cause if something simple is read wrong, the whole message will be conveyed differently. So if you think i'm sayin' something on like AIM/ myspace or w/e in a bad attitude, don't just jump in and get all mad bout it. Oh and i usually don't like working problems out online but if its the only choice, then yeah, it's acceptable.

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  1. OMFG; online misunderstandings are like the top reason my friend & I get into fights with one's stupid, but after you re-read it, you can see just how stupid it was to fight over about (: