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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Respect your parents ..

I have a confession ...
I absolutely hate it when kids/teens/etc disrespect their parents. It like hurts me to see people saying " Ugh, i hate my mom ! " or "Ugh, my dads a bitch. " If you really think about it, they went through a whole lot raising you up only to get hatred in return ?.. If you hate your parents because they don't let you out that much, its only because they care about you. It hurts them to see you get hurt & they just don't want anything happening to you. I believe that no matter what happens, your parents would ALWAYS love & care about you. They may show it in a different way cause hey, their like what ? 30 ish years older then you ? Their generation was really different then ours & they arn't used to our ways. Respect the way they choose to raise you & appreciate all they've done for you. Everyday, they put themselves through so much hard work from day to night just so you have a place to live & food to eat. So the next time you say you "hate" them for not buying you something you want, take a second and think about how hard they worked for that money. Show your parents some respect cause in my opinion, they truly deserve it.

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  1. (this is gwen) i dont know if its weird, me commenting/reading your blog or anything, but i came across it today [not stalkerish] and i absolutely agree with this.