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Monday, April 20, 2009

Where did my happiness go ? ..

I have a confession ..
Lifes been hard .. i'm not gonna lie & put up a front. I admit it, i'm not happy. First off, family problems are stressin me out. I think about it so often, it literally makes my head hurt. Next, my relationship w/ him has been rocky. We try to get past it but after a while, everything starts to build up. It's getting to a point where i can't take it anymore. I wanna see the change, not just hear you telling me there will be change. I'm tired of waiting for it, i wanna see it, NOW. Adding to it, i've been feeling so lonely lately. I've realized that i actually try to not make new friends. Idk, its just so hard for me to open up to new people nowadays. I have so many wonderful opportunities to meet new people but i never seem to take it. I let it pass by. I don't even know where to start w/ how i feel about my appearance. I've just been feeling real real ugly lately. Idk, its not like its a huge deal to me but it matters. I care about how i look and recently, its just not been workin. -.- God, what happened to my " wonderful " life ?! I gotta change & start taking control of my life again. Its slipping away from my grip .. slowly .. I better do something before its too late ..
Where did my happiness go ?

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