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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love my prince charming :) ..

Oh dang, i haven't written for 6 days ! Ahah my week was pretty tiring. It passed by real fast though so thats good ! Hm, nothing important on the weekdays. Just school + a lotta hw which is the reason i never got time to post. LOL or even sleep -.- i need more of it. Anyways, my weekend was reaaaaal good :) So fridayyy i was gonna have this romantic dinner w/ babesterrr. Turned out not so good but we had fun anyways :) After dinner, we watched a movie and just chilleddd. Then i went to visit my grandpa. I hope hes gonna be okay >< ... ANYWAYS, lets not talk about that. Ahah, its a sensitive subject. Hm, the day didn't go as expected but i had fun in the end. + babe slept overrr. Saturday, stayed in bed till like 2 until we could think of somethin to do. I ended up going to CT w/ frank, erica, marlene, & alex. Ahaha, explorrrrring ! It was real funn. Had a lotta non-stop laughing moments. :) I was exhausted afterwards thoughhh. Marlene, Frank, & I went for dessert afterrrr. & then pigged out @ my house. Ahah, they were SO sleepy. Practically fell asleep @ my dinner table. Idk why but i was hellla alert. Babe slept over again cause it got really late. Hmm that brings me to today. Things got rough in the morning w/ frank & he left early :/ .. we fought & everythin but my prince charming came all the way back to my house :) Things were still a bit rough when he got here but he decided to spend the day with just ME. It really meant a lot to me and it made me real happy. We played basketball in the backyard. Then i picked up the hose and we had a water fight :)))) I couldn't stop giggling. I'm fortunate for having this .. and i appreciate every moment of it. Anyways, we made popcorn + got snacks & watched the Hannah Montana movie online. LOL he always wanted to watch it but i never wanted to go to the theaters. Too lazzzzzy. He had to leave half way into the movie though :( .. i miss him ! Alrighys, i should get started w/ my homework. Next weeks spirit week ! Idk if i should wear shorts 2m or not :/ .. its gonna be hella fuckin hot but i dont want people talkin -.- ehhhhhh, i'll see. Ahah, mkays, i'm out ! :)
P.S: I mother fucking love this weather ! It feels like summer :)

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