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Monday, April 13, 2009

Thanks babesterrr ! :) ...

I haven't really posted a good confession in a while :/ .. Although i know what to write about, i dont have much time to put my thoughts onto this site. I planned to sleep at around 10PM tonight cause i was very tired all day but that didn't work out. I should probably sleep as soon as possible & yet, i'm still online ! Ahaha, i'm eating cheesecake :) Anyways, i had a REALLY good day ! I owe it to my babesterr though. He was the one who kept me really happy all day. No fights, no arguing :) He got me laughing / giggling throughout the day. I loveee you hunn ! Alrights imma get off now. I hope everyone had a good back to school dayyy. :) Goodnight.
P.S. I'm REALLY REALLY happy for one of my friends ( you know who, and you know why ) LOL better say " AWWW " later bitch ! Oh yeah, and i hope another one of my friends feel better :// Ahaha, i hate you guys :)


  1. AWWW



  2. AWWWWW !
    LOLLL lucky you gyus (:

    tyyy steph (:

    hate you toooo ! <#