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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've had enough ..

I have a confession ...
I hate it when people take advantage of me. Well, idk how to describe it so heres a scenario: So lets say if i do something wrong by acc and another person (#1) does that same thing, the person(#2) we do it to will get mad at me. Not the other person(#1). Idk why this happens but i've been putting up with this all my life. Maybe its because no matter what happens, i always just " drop it " or forget about it. I mean its hard for me to hold grudges, in fact, i NEVER hold grudges. But im fed up and tired of this. When and if this happens again, don't expect me to give a damn cause i've had enough. I'm done w/ being " nice " or w/e, im done w/ forgiving easily, i'm done w/ putting up with other peoples shit that i shouldn't even have to deal about!
" Everyone goes through phases, livin' in a world that chances. Sometimes it's hard to find a world i call mine. "
P.S: Sorry if this offends anyone cause it sounds a lil harsh :/ Just venting but i'll be fine in a second :)

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