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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

True happiness comes within yourself ..

Oops, i skipped three days :/ I'm sorry ! haha, i was busy. Anyways:
I have a confession ...
I've been real happy these days w/ no ones help :) I've been more independent recently and realized i don't need other people to be happy. I can make myself happy, i can make myself laugh, i can make myself enjoy life. In rough situations, looking onto a positive side really helps. I've been having hella hw lately but ay, i'm not stressing about it cause either way i gotta do it; whether its in a good or bad mood, its really up to me. I've come to realize that when i'm in a good mood, i can get things done a lot quicker. I don't need someone to vent to to be in that good mood, i can get there myself. On the other hand, i haven't been showing any love to anyone. But ay " you can't give love if you don't feel it yourself. " I'm not givin love cause i'm not getting any. It's okay though, cause i'm doing perfectly fine the way things are. No one can get in the way of my happiness :)
"Happiness has to come from within yourself before you are truly happy with the world around you. "

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