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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Updates on formspring, fashion, school, etc.

Hey guys!

I haven't had much time to update you all on what has been going on lately. I barely even blog now! I'm really trying to get back into the habit of really blogging, especially during the summer. First off, for those who have been following and supporting me from the start for years and years, thank you so much. I can't even begin to express my gratitude! It's so crazy that I'm graduating in 11 days. It feels like just yesterday when I created this blog. I've been blogging since my freshman year and my entire high school experience is online. I'm so glad I have this blog to look back and reflect on. You guys have literally watched me grow and mature. Haha, it was so incredible sharing my high school experience with you all :)

So about formspring, I'm sure you guys have realized that I've disabled the anonymous option. Now, you have to make an account and you have to leave your name in order to send me a question. The reason behind this is that I've been answering questions for years. I've answered a total of 18,600 (which is so crazy!) and though I've really enjoyed being able to connect with you all, I've decided I want a little more control on my own life. Though the majority of questions I receive are positive, there are a lot of hateful and rude posts. I used to answer them generously, and then I decided to ignore them by posting "-----", and then I decided to just delete them. In the end, it just got really frustrating. Trust me when I say that these comments don't get to me but when I have to read them, it obviously has some impact on me. Not a significant impact, but it is still bothersome to read. I felt silly putting myself out there and giving people such as easy opportunity to attack me, so I decided to finally disable the anonymous option. Another reason was because most questions weren't worth answering. It just got too personal and the questions were just silly. I lost my dedication and ended up deleting 50% of the questions I received and just answered the few that I wanted to. Anyways, my formspring is still open and I still use it. It'll just take a little time to make an account if you guys don't already have one. Don't be afraid to ask me questions! I won't judge you or anything, I promise!

On fashion, I've realized that my style is changing a little again. I'm getting into statement pieces, colors, and more fashionable clothing. The heels I wear are higher, I'm more into designer items, I care a lot about the quality of clothing, and my style as a whole is just shifting. I've gone on hugggge shopping sprees recently and you'll see all of my new clothes while I'm in Shanghai :) I'm thinking about filming a haul before leaving to show you guys everything first? But I'm not sure if I should.. Tell me what you think! I'm OBSESSED with high low skirts/ dresses.. I bought a couple of hats that I think are adorable... And just have tons of new things to show you guys :) I feel like I can't really wear what I want when I'm here, but when I'm China, I can fully express my fashion. Plus the weather there will be PERFECT ^^ I'm beyond excited. However, I feel like I won't find much to purchase. Last, last year, I seriously purchased 20+ pairs of heels and like 10+ new purses. (Which I'll admit, was waaay too much) Since my style has changed so much, I don't think I'll find interest in anything. But we'll see. Let's hope I find at least something that I like :T I won't be blogging like I did last, last year (If you guys remember, I had a livejournal and I updated you guys in detail about my day) but I will blog a little. I'll definitely post a lot of photos on instagram + my tumblr. To get all updates, just follow my tumblr. ( I plan on uploading little videos there too!! But yeah, super exciting. ^^

So for school, there are literally 5 more days of school left. Ahh, it's so bittersweet. Looking back, I had an incredible high school experience. If I could go back, I'd pick the same school. I love love love my school!! I don't want to leave, but at the same time, I'm SO excited for college. Anywhos, I have tons of projects and reports to write :T Once I get past those, I'm COMPLETELY done with high school. We have graduation rehearsal next monday and tuesday. Then on Wednesday, we have gradation rehearsal and our senior dance thing. Then Thursday is graduation. I have my dress ready :) I'm really nervous since we're having our graduation on grass.. LOL I feel like I'm going to slip and embarrass myself :T Eek, lets hope not. Would you guys like to see a getting ready for graduation video? Let me know! Then I'm leaving for China 4 days after I graduate. Ah, everything is so hectic. Okay, gotta get started on my homework. Bye guys! 


  1. Please do a fashion video before you leave for China, I love your fashion sense! Thanks <3

  2. Yeah, please do a fashion haul of everything you purchased or going to bring to china as for clothing. And it would be so GREAT if you do a getting ready video for your graduation. It would be really memorable later in your life. And it'll be so fun to watch as well :D Have fun in China!

  3. yesss please do a fashion video or a haul :) you have great style & theyre such inspiations. :) i would love to see everything you purchased since i'll also be going to China in June so i would love to get some ideas on what to bring!