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Monday, May 21, 2012

I found out what is causing my swollen eyelids..

So this all started in around.. March. I had slightly swollen eyelids and it seemed to be caused by a stye. Overtime, the styes went away, but my eyes remained puffy. I kept packing makeup over it to hide the swelling, so it just got worse. At the end of March, they got SO bad that I had to stop wearing eye makeup overall. So I did for 2 months. I even went to the doctor because I've seen styes and did not think this was it. She told me "they're just styes. lay off the makeup." And I was thinking.. "no... this is NOT a freakin stye!" (I always tend to diagnose myself :P) Anyways, I decided to try makeup again today and once again, it swelled. As I kept staring at my eyes, I started wondering if I could be allergic to a particular ingredient in my eye makeup. My mom called many doctors and they said it sounds more like an allergic reaction. So I thought and realized that in March, I changed to a brand new bottle of Falsies mascara. However, I did not buy it myself. I had my best friend pick up a new bottle for me as she stopped by Walmart. It was around that time that my eyes started swelling!! And when I stopped wearing makeup entirely, there was this one day where I wore JUST mascara, and it still swelled. So I decided to take a look at my mascara, comparing it to my old bottle. AND GUESS WHAT?!?!? The only difference is that my new one is waterproof!!! UGHH HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT!!! I checked the ingredients and I'm definitely allergic to "Isododecane." I searched it up and I have the exact symptoms. Oh. My. God. All this because of ONE new ingredient. I've always been sensitive, but this is just crazy!!! It feels so good to finally figure out what was wrong. Going to let this stupid swelling go down and I'm good to go ^^ SO GLAD I FOUND THE CAUSE!! Saved my China trip :P

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