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Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 21, 2012-

Beautiful day in San Francisco. Chilled at home and had a late minute planned BBQ with Viv, Richard, & Frank in our backyard :) Probably one of the best BBQs I've ever had!

LOL He's just too darn cute :P (He brought his favorite toys out to the backyard!)
 Read outside for a little while.
Can't wait to get these braces off :P
 Here's the top that you guys love! The sleeves are a little big so I might fix it :P
 Got sick of feeling uncomfortable so I changed to a t-shirt and sweats :P
 Off to the supermarket w/ babe!
 Patties out of fresh ground beef :)
 Butter corn, enoki mushrooms, shrimp, chicken..
Wings, ribs, other meat..
 Short ribs!
 Just hangin with Hunty :) He's such great company!
What was amazing was how we marinated everything. Babe used wine and other stuff that I don't understand.. LOL It was DELICIOUS. 

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