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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012-

School then spent the rest of the day with Erica :) Met her up at Cosmoprof after school! We shopped but didn't buy anything there. I really wanted to shop at Hillsdale shopping center and she was nice enough to drive all the way there ^^ LOL We spent an incredibly long time there!! She fell in love with the F21 there just like I knew she would :P We both bought a ton of stuff from F21. We somewhat had to rush since Lance got off work pretty early and would have nothing to do. However, we took much longer than we thought we would :T LOL Stopped by Old Navy and what not. Then Erica ordered some food for Lance. BOTH our phones died.. Thank God the GPS was in the car -.-.. LOL luckily, we saved all the addresses we needed onto the gps before my phone died. We drove to tpumps! (I had tpumps for the first time ^^) It was delicious and I'm SO addicted... LOL Then we drove back to the mall to pick up lances food, then we drove home. We were an hour or so late :X LOL Had a lot of fun! Girl talked and laughed the entire time. It was great :) Then Erica, Lance,  & I went to KFC to get Frank! We sat in the store until he got off work. Then we just chilled at my house :) Here are photos!

Borrowed Vivs red blazer :)
 Silly babe :P
 Since my phone died, I wasn't able to take a picture of my first tpumps till I got to babes work ):..

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