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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Will I ever get time to rest?

I hate how when something finally comes back together, something else begins to fall apart. I just need some peace and quiet. I need some room to breathe. 

This is all so unnecessary. It's something we'll look back at in the future and laugh at how ridiculous we were. But then again, you're not who I thought you were. So maybe I'm wrong, maybe this is necessary. Maybe this was supposed to happen so I could finally open my eyes to who you are. Maybe, this is the ending to another chapter in my life. A part of me is ready to give up, because I don't deserve to have to deal with this. But another part of me won't allow myself to let go. The thought of the pain is already too much to bear. Will you please just prove me wrong? Stop acting so ignorant, selfish, stubborn, irrational, vulgar, cold, bitter, and unreasonable. Who are you?.. Please just tell me this was all a joke. 

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