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Sunday, February 12, 2012


I haven't been updating my blog too often :T Going to try to update more than once a week! Had an outbreak of hives last week )': Went to the ER since the hives kept getting worse and I started feeling pain when I inhaled. It left huge patches of purpleish scars everywhere )':.... Hopefully they won't take too long to fade. Besides that, we booked our Shanghai plane tickets! My parents, Viv, Richard, & Frank are all going ^^V Leaving around May 28th so right after we graduate for a little over 3 weeks! Going to be SO fun!!! Me & babe have to save money though so no going out too often anymore. And along with that, I've been looking at diamond rings recently. I plan to invest in a gold, 1/2 carat ring for myself sometime! :) Anyways, I'm SO excited to start stocking up on summer clothes/ dresses for China! EEEEEEEEEEEK. Not sure if I'm going to vlog the trip.. probably not but who knows! Time to update you guys on photos :)

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