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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012-

Woke up to Hunter and babe on the computer :) Got up super early since I slept early last night. Spent the morning chilling in bed and watching TV! Got ready at around 2 ish to bring the dogs out. Me, Frank, Erica, & Lance brought Hunter, Lucky, & Bebe to Fort Funston for a hike! It was a beautiful day so we wanted to spend it outdoors ^^ Made a couple of stops before heading to Fort Funston. Hiked all the way down to the beach and got to watch the sunset. Hunter was being so good! He listened all day so we let him off the leash almost the entire time :) He also played with the huge Siberian huskies which I got on footage so I'll put that at the end of this weeks OOTW :P Anyways, we had an amazing time! After that, I headed home to get ready for a dinner at Kome buffet. It was my nephew, Leos, 9th birthday! After dinner, we met up again with Erica and Lance. Tried to go karaoke but they didn't have an open room :T So we spent an hour and a half just sitting in the car talking LOL then we finally headed to Erica's house. Played truth and dare jenga + talked for hourrrrrs. Finally went home at 2am! Fun day! Here are tons of pics :)

He looks like a teddy bear!!
LOL He loves my big comfy chair
Babe stopped by a toy shop to buy something for Leo so I sat in the car with Hunty :)
Erica's house! Hunter, Bebe, & Lucky. (Blurry :T)
On the way to Fort Funston!
LOOL This pic is so cool!!!!!!
On the hike!
Hike down to the beach.
He was being so good ^^ I'm out of shape so it took me a while to hike back up but he waited for me :)
Me and Hunter!
Ewieeee he played in the water so he got super dirty. But since he has wired fur, it all comes off  by itself ^^
Babe & I
My lovvvvve!
Erica & I + our dogs ^^V
Hunter running off into the sunset (SO CUTE!!!!!)
Called him to run back and omg LOL Zoom in!!! (Click on the photo)
More photos :)
My outfit of the nighttt. New cream button up ^^V I'm starting to not like how button ups look tucked in.. so I'm probably going to start wearing them like this now :)

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