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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012-

No school (4 day weekend) ^^V Hike at Fort Funston in the morning! It was me, Frank, Erica, Lance, Jeanie, & Dennison! We brought Hunter, Lucky, Bebe, & Grizzly :) Hunter was not obedient :T He wandered off several times! Scared me half to death. After that, I came home to change. Went with Erica & Lance to Ericas house so she could change. Then Erica & I went shopping! We went to Tanforan and Serramonte. Shopped till the mall closed and bought so much cute stuff ^^ We then went for dinner at Boston Market. Chilled until Lance got off work and met up with babe (who went to the gym). We then went to watch The Vow! I really, really didn't like it. Not going to spoil it but I seriously disliked the movie :T If it weren't for Channing Tatum, the movie would be pointless. But Channing Tatum was to die for. LOL Me & Erica were joking about how no girl would complain if they woke up to find out that they were married to him. LOL Anyways, we then went to dessert at 1am! Got home superrrr late and slept at 3am ish! Longg day! Not too many photos: 

 AAAAAAAH. I WANNNNNNNT. But so hard to take care of ):
 Bebe! LOL

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