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Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 11, 2012- My early birthday celebration!

In the morning, we all (me, Frank, Erica, Lance, Viv, Richard, Mei, & Mikey) went to Serramonte to diamond shop. Viv purchased a diamond ring and I just couldn't get myself to buy the one I wanted. I'm going to wait until I get my college acceptance letters! If I get into good colleges, I'll purchase it for myself as a reward. If not.. then forget it! LOL I just didn't want to feel guilty and I wanted it to have meaning :P Anywhos, after that, we went home to get dressed up for dinner! Frank, Erica, Lance, & I went to union squares Cheesecake Factory for my early birthday celebration! It was just the four of us, but I wouldn't have had it any other way :) Took a while to get our seats so Erica & I went down to Macy's! We grabbed random items and went into the dressing room to camera whore :P LOL (Which explains all the pics!) Then we finally got our seats and had dinner. It was freezing on the patio but I loved the view! We ordered 4 entrees and 2 appetizers :) The food was okay, not amazing but I was satisfied. We left relatively late! Got home to see all the lights off and a cake lit on our dinner table :') Babe planned me a cute surprise!! The cake was pretty ^^ Erica gave me a very sweet gift! "Don't read the card yet cause I don't want to blush!!" LOL She's so cheesy. We all headed to karaoke and Jeanie came as well! Sang for 2 hours! Then Frank, Erica, Lance, & I had the cheesecake we purchased at our house. It was DELICIOUS. Ended the day there :) Wonderful birthday spent with wonderful people! Here are photos ^^
You. Will. Be. Mine. (ISN'T IT GORGEOUS!?!??!?!)
The view of union square! There was a CNY parade going on :P
Camera whoring ^^V (I still have scars from my hives :T.. Made me self-conscious all night ): )
LOL This is cool!
The boys ordered pizza -.- 
My dish! Salmon and steak ^^
Babes dish.
Lances dish!
Instagrammm! (Addict..)
Waaah.. red eyes :(
Pics in the bathroom mirror? :P
CNY parade!
Gorgeous cake!!
Karaoke! (LOL @ jeanie..)

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  1. i love the ring! its sooo blingy and pretty!! how much was it and where is it from??