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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 27, 2011; Reno Day 2!

Day 2! Woke up super early to go on a breakfast date with babe. (It was out 3 yrs & 11 months anniversary!) We went to Cafe Milano. I had an all american breakfast and babe had some cajun chicken pasta. I love that cafe! Everything was super affordable and it was so pretty. Anywhos, after brunch, we headed to Circus Circus Reno. Played games for an incredibly long time (I won the cutest Elephant ever!! From that camel/ horse racing game. Full game of 16 players won first place! Then babe won first place in a full game. We traded up for the XL prize. YAY!) Met a subscriber of me & Viv. SUPER SWEET! She took a picture with us :) She sent it to us so I'll post it up ASAP! Anyways, after games, we had an early dinner at this buffet in Silver Legacy. I'm not sure what it was called... but they had tons of seafood and meat, which was super yummy! Headed back to the hotel pretty early to go swimming. Stopped by CVS for some water (since the hotel ones were so expensive) and me+Viv ended up buying tons of makeup. I also got Hunter a shirt! LOL Finally got to the hotel and we swam outdoors during the winter. Thank God for the warm pools! Getting out sucked though... It was FREEZING. LOL Went to play in the arcade for a little bit and then jacuzzi-ed again. Here are photos from my phone!

 Cafe Milano for date :)
 View from our room :D
 Circus Circus!
 Dinner! Yummy pie.
 Yummy banana.
 Yummy cheesecake.
 Babes LOL
Have I ever showed you guys my ice cream shower cap??? It's hanging on the door ^^ LOL SO CUUUUUTE.
 Hair is SO long. I love it!!

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