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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 26, 2011; Reno Day 1;

Day 1 of our winter vacation to Reno, Nevada! Our entire family went + Richard & Frank. It was so much fun! So we left super early in the morning. I wore a hoodie & glasses b/c I wanted to sleep in the car so I couldn't wear my contacts. We stopped by vacaville outlets as a pit stop and did a little shopping. I didn't get anything! Then we went to In&Out for lunch. Drove to this stop where you can sled, ski, & etc. (Idr what it's called..) We played in the snow for a bit and took tons of photos! Then we finally got to our hotel; Peppermill. In LOVE with this resort. We got Tuscany king suites. Big upgrade compared to last summers hotel!! It was incredible. The view from our room was spectacular. The beds were ginormous and the bathroom had a Jacuzzi and TV! There were 2 shower heads in the shower... and omg. It was just great. Very romantic :) I changed and got ready for dinner. Went to the Island buffet (same as last time)! Delicious!  Then we went up and I changed again to something a little more comfortable for the arcade. Played till pretty late at night. Came upstairs, had a lovely jacuzzi bath! We were about to sleep when I realized that I needed water to eat my meds. So me and babe went downstairs in our PJs. LOL It was hilarious! Here are photos from my phone! (Ones from my camera & Richards camera will be up ASAP!)

Heheh... a little camera whoring in the car!
 Preview of photos we took on my camera :)
 King bed. LOVE.
 Gorgeous view. Too dark to see ):
 My car ride OOTD.
 Dinner OOTD!
 Island Buffet :)
 Changed into a comfier outfit!
 Loving the bed ^^V
 Mirror picture from superrrrr far away..
 LOL! Going downstairs for some water :)
 Babe chillin in his Pjs :)

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