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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! ^^ There's so much i'm thankful for this year. My family, boyfriend, and friends are the absolute best. Through all the medical conditions I've gone through this year, i'm thankful that i'm finally recovering and adapting to the changes in my life. I'm thankful for food, shelter, love. I'm thankful for having so many great supporters! Overall, it has been an incredible year.

Today, I spent hours serving food to the less fortunate. It was an incredible way to start the day! Though there were one or two that weren't very appreciative, the majority were super happy. It was great seeing their appreciation. This one man teared up and nearly cried because he was so happy. He was homeless and so thankful for the meal. God, It was wonderful. It felt amazing giving back. One lady talked about how cold and hungry she was and how lonely she felt. She said that our meal made her holiday special. Overall, we fed 410 people. It felt incredible.

This year, I thanked the ones that have been there for me and gave back. This year is, by far, the best Thanksgiving ever. Have a lovely night, stay safe, have an incredible Black Friday, & enjoy time with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving guys :)

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