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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday 2011

Simply incredible!!! Bought so many great items this year. So instead of going to an outlet, we decided to do something entirely different. I've been to great mall and vacaville for the past 3 years on Black Friday and it's always crazy. The lines are super long, the stores are messy, and it's just too hectic. I usually just go for the rush, but I really wanted to actually find good deals this year so we decided to avoid an outlet. We left at 11pm to a local mall (Serramonte). We were one of the first ones in line for Foreign Exchange! Everything was buy 1 get 1 free so I purchased 2 satin tanks and 2 chiffon blouses. In my opinion, Foreign Exchange is pricey but really good quality. I paid about $50 for 4 good quality tops. Plus, they are the style I'm trying to move to :D Afterwards, we went to h&m. The line was CRAZY buy Viv really wanted something so we decided to just line up. Had to wait over an hour to pay. Bought a tonnn of items. Went to a couple other stores but there really wasn't anything there. Macy's was packed too :T We left for the Macy's next to a different/smaller local mall (Stonestown) instead. It was completely empty and SO neat!!!! We spent an hour or more there. I bought a fuzzy throw and a pillow for my mom. Then we waited in the car for a bit. Went to stonestown an hour before it opened. Was the 15th person in line for H&M so we got scratches! (containing $10-$300) Me and babe both only got $10 but oh well! We were lucky last year so it doesn't really matter :P I bought a few more items from h&m and from some other stores. Left relatively early b/c I was just so exhausted. Was planning to attend another local mall but I had enough for the day. My mom was at vacaville and picked up a couple of Juicy Couture items for me ^^ So in love! Babe & I came home at around 7am, ate, slept until 3pm, and chilled for the rest of the day. Babe actually bought a lot of stuff this year! Tons of cooking goods, jackets, tops, and etc. WE BOUGHT A FOOT MASSAGE THINGY! LOL It's amazing ^^.... Oh yeah, another reason I decided not to go to an outlet was b/c I didn't want to make babe wait in line for me all day :/ Chilled, ate dinner, & shopped online. I purchased 7 more items for $85! About $12 an item. (I bought 2 formal dresses, 3 satin tanks, a hoodie, & a sweater!!!) Eeeeek, can't wait for those to come. I'm offically satisfied. No shopping for... a month or two. (lets see how that goes -.-) Here are a few sneak peek photos ^^ I'll film a haul 2m ;D

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