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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011-

Had so much fun! For Halloween last year, I had a blast. I honestly didn't think I'd have as much fun as I did last year but this year was even better! After school, I came home and napped until 9pm. (I was exhausted!!) Babe had work. Jeanie & Den came at around 10pm. Me, Viv, Richard, Jeanie, & Den started carving first. Then at around 11:30pm, Mei, Mikey, & Frank came over. We all carved, except Frank who was too tired :T Viv baked pumpkin pie & we all watched "The Walking Dead". I love that show! :P I wanted to show them season 1 episode 1. Overall, we had tons of fun. I've done everything I wanted to do this Halloween. Love the people I got to spend it with. They're like family :) Now on for a few photos!!
Wanted to show my PJs ^^..
Best friend! Love her to deaaaath :P
Some of our pumpkins ^^
Jeanie, Viv, & I.
Lighting them up.
From left to right: Vivs, Meis, mine, Jeanies, Richards, Dens, & Mikeys!
Mine ^^ I honestly think my last years was better LOL
Vivs! It's SO neat..
Mei's and mine :)
Babe & I!
Brought Jeanie & Den home. The view from here is spectacular!
Pumpkin pie ^^ Delicious!

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