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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011- (PART 1)

Yesterday had to be one of the best days of summer. It was the last day of summer for me (since i'm staying home to do some chores today) & I couldn't have had a better time. Me & babe have not been on an alone all day date for a while! (Last time we had one of these were to the Jelly Belly Factory!) We love doing new, adventurous things together :) We spent Friday night planning for hours! We found this lovely ranch in Brentwood, CA! I forgot what it's called ): But they had 2 types of peaches and plums! We left the house at around 12. Drove 1 & 1/2 hours to Brentwood! It was 100 degrees there! Crazy!!! The owners of the farm were super friendly! They explained it real quick and we went on our own to pick fruits. It was pretty empty so it felt like it was just us two. We picked for about 1/2 hr-1 hr. It was TOO hot!!! Took so many pictures :) After that, we went to this Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex. Free parking & $5 entrance fee per person! They had about 4 pools & 2 slides! Really relaxing. Babe & I stopped by Food Maxx for snacks. We purchased Gatorade, brisk drinks, corn nuts, chips, & luncables (LOL!!). We brought snacks, chairs, & etc into the water park. I sat in the shade since I was on my period ): I changed into a swim suit top and shorts though since it was so hot! Babe played a little on his own :P LOL He ended up taking a nap and I ate + read my summer reading book. We also purchased a burger + a frozen strawberry lemonade inside the park. It wasn't overpriced! (Surprisingly :P) We left at around 6pm when it closed. We decided to stop by Concord mall. Sunvalley? Is that what it's called? o.O Anywhos, shopped there! Babe spent more than I did!! He bought 3 jackets & 6 t-shirts for back to school. I bought a top, a dress, a necklace, & a off the shoulder long sleeve. Not much :P We ate dinner at BJ's! I had a tilapia and babe had some pork chops or something. Supeeeer yummy! We sat outside in this little barn where they had heaters :P Long drive home. The day was... incredible. I love these little dates w/ my boyfriend. I couldn't be happier :) God, I love him so much. I'm so lucky! Anyways, here are some pictures:

Pictures from my phone:
Outfit! Bright red dress :D Perfect for fruit picking! My legs look super long and I look tall :P
Car ride:
Polaroid pics!
Concord shopping w/ babe! I'm wearing one of his new jackets b/c it got cold w/ the air conditioning :P
Gorgeous bridge. The city lights were so pretty!

Pictures from my camera:
Driving out of the city!
I love long car rides w/ him :)
Arriving! So much farm land. Babe wants to retire and move to one of these locations :P
Arriving at the fruit picking farm :D Babe and the wagon-
Babe picking peaches ^^
They were so yummy!
Our little wagon :)
Needed a step stool since I couldn't reach anything ):
The peaches we picked :D
Plums!!!!! I love these!!!!
I love this picture. It's so artistic! Look at how the plums on the floor changes to peaches :P


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  1. you look more and more like your mom! you and frank are precious :)