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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My reflection on summer 2011:

This summer was incredible. Although it went by a little too quick, I really did enjoy it. Spent so much time with my family & friends this summer. Especially w/ my lovely boyfriend :) Experienced tons of new activities- Kayaking, sky zone, volunteering at a food bank, & etc. It was so much fun! I'm pretty bummed out that school is beginning, but hey, I'm a senior!! This year is going to be a blast. Once I get done w/ college applications, it shouldn't be all that bad. Going to have a lot less time with Frank. He's going to balance school and two jobs. Barely going to be able to hang out with him )': At least we have our 30 minute long lunch talks again ^^ Overall, amazing summer. Had 2 vacations, went to plenty of theme parks, and etc. I'm just really, really happy. I absolutely love my life. Things just keep getting better! Well, good luck to all of you! I wish you all a wonderful school year. Definitely going to try to blog daily. I'll also be making weekly outfit videos ^^ Stay tuned! Xoxo

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