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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011-

Super long and exhausting day! Can't even keep my eyes open :P Woke up at 7:30am like yesterday to go volunteer at the food bank! Me, Frank, Jeanie, & Dennison volunteered from 9am-11am. IT WAS SO FUN!! LOL We packed honey nut cheerios and pinto beans :) We talked the entire time about vacations and other random stuff. It went by so fast LOL We're definitely going back. Then, we went to Pho 99 for brunch. Super yummy! We went home at 1pm. I took a nap until 4pm. Hung out with my family and Hunty :) LOL I love my dog so much. He's the cutest thing alive!! Umm, I got ready again b/c my makeup completely wore off from my super long nap. Put my hair up into a sleek ponytail ;) I have pictures that i'll upload 2m! Went to a big family dinner at Koi Palace. Super yummy. Came home and everyone chilled at my house. Then me and babe went to Century theaters to watch a movie. We were initially going to watch Friends w/ Benefits but the whole theater was packed -.- We ended up seeing Horrible Bosses. It was reaaaaaally funny and good! I recommend it if you want/need a good laugh :P Definitely going back to see Friends w/ Benefits this week. I really wanna watch it! Went to this local pizza shop and bought pizza + wings. Came home and everyone had a midnight snack! Just booked the hotels for our trip. We ended up picking the deluxe queen room in the pepper mill tower! The Tuscany tower is just too expensive and the north/west tower is not good enough :P So we went for the middle class one! Supeeeeer excited about it. The room is absolutely gorgeous! Okay, I'm so exhausted. Going to bed now! Nighty nights. Have a good day! Xoxo
Here is how our room is going to look! The picture is so small :T

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