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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Memories and photographs:

Here are a couple of photographs from the past 3-4 years:
I think this was one of our very first pictures together. This was on my 14th birthday! We were together for only about 2 weeks :)
We look so young! :P
Graduation ^^
Movie date :)

Here are bits and pieces from something I wrote for him on our 7 month anniversary, word from word:
  • For 5 months, he got stuck choosing between two anniversary cards so he just bought both. LOOSER. LOL
  • After approximately another 2 months, i got to know him a lot better & thought he was pretty damn amazing :) Jannnnuary 27 @ 1:34PM; Daly City Century waatching Untraceable.
  • his AIM sn which I won't give out: you are my everything
  • Oh, and i remember this time @ school where he KEPT staring at me when we were walking & it made me hella nervous. LOL when i got home, i asked him why he was looking @ me like that & he said: HisSN: cus you looked pretty and couldnt get my eyes offa you HisSN: i sweaar
Hm.. let me see what else I remember! LOL Hm.. so back then, I had this bbq dance party at my house. He liked me that day and I had no idea! We were dancing and frank backed up into this chair with all the electronics on it. He broke my best friends camera! I was SO mad at him LOL I yelled at him even though I barely knew him :P Anywhos, that night, we played spin the bottle. It was either for a kiss on the cheek or for a lap dance. I spun the bottle and landed on Frank. He liked me and the only person who knew was Erica, my best friend! She didn't tell me b/c she wanted me to fall for him naturally, on my own. B/c usually, when you find out someone likes you, you automatically like them back even if you truly don't :P Anyways, I landed on him and it was SO awkward b/c I didn't know anything about him. LOL So I said "Can you bend down a little so I can kiss you? You're really tall..." And he was SO nervous. He said no -.- I was like wtf? Jerk -.- And said "Nvm! Not doing it." And got away with it. Erica was SO pissed at him LOOL It was his perfect opportunity and he ruined it. Stupid :P A month or so passes and I somewhat knew him better. I went Christmas shopping with these 4 boys, Frank included. My other best friend found out that he liked me and she told me!! I really wish she hadn't but w/e :P Umm I was in Wet Seal, on the phone with her, and I was like.. OMG. You tell me now??! When I'm out, shopping with him?!?! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWKWARD!!! So I try to act calm and normal for the rest of the day. LOL He was SO outgoing and silly. I remember so clearly all the stupid things he did to make me giggle that day. It was definitely his humor that caught my attention. Yeaaaaaaah so that's about it. Things took off from there! I really wish I had fallen for him on my own, without knowing that he liked me. When I found out, I actually already had a crush on another guy! I liked him b/c he liked me. Not b/c I truly liked him :/ But after a couple months of getting to know him better, I'm glad all this happened. What was supposed to be a little fun relationship turned out to be something serious and real. A lot of other stuff happened, but that's too much to explain. I'll tell you guys more some other day. :P Hope this was somewhat entertaining :)

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