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Friday, June 17, 2011

Summary of the past 3 days!

It's 2:30 am, but I'm going to summarize the past couple of days before I forget what I did :P

Tuesday, June 14, 2011-
We were supposed to go to Great Mall, but Hunter got sick ): He threw up a couple of times and had really bad dirrhea. He was a mess so I put him in our tub for a quick bath hoping he'd feel better. He ended up going right there in the bath tub!! He probably felt horrible. Sigh.. I felt so bad just watching him unable to help ): He went again in the house and again outside. We gave him this herbal thing that's supposed to make you feel better. It worked! Literally 5 minutes later, he was running around and all happy again ^^ We spent 2 hours cleaning up after him :P Anywhos, we were so nauseous from all the vomit and diarrhea -.-..... Sigh.... At least hes better :) It was late so instead of Great Mall, we went to Tanforan! I caught some pretty good deals at the VS Semi Annual sale ^^ I made a haul that I'll upload 2m. (Even though it's out of order... I want you guys to be able to pick up some of the items while it's still around!) Um.. after that, we got frozen yogurt. Babe dropped me off at stonestown where I met up w/ Erica & Jeanie. We shopped for a bit! I bought a couple more items at VS. Babe picked me up and we went home for dinner. After dinner, me, Jeanie, Den, & Frank went bowling at Classic bowl. It was superrrrrrr fun! The boys lost and owed us donuts from krispy kreme :)..... We bought a ton of donuts and finally went home! Super long and fun day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011-
Woke up at 10pm to go to the Flea Market in San Jose w/ Frank, Jeanie, & Den! Jeanie and Den took so long to get ready... I had time to do dramatic eye shadow!! LOL We stopped by 88 Rice Bowl for breakfast/lunch. Then went to San Jose! Omg, It was literally 100 degrees there. I'm not even exaggerating! (I have a pic on my phone that I'll upload 2m) The flea market was really empty since it was a Wednesday. I wanted this sun hat, but it was $12 so I didn't get it ):.... I ended up only buying 2 pairs of earrings! After that, we went to Gilroy outlets! Shopped until 9pm LOL Babe & I bought his mom a Coach purse and his dad a Coach wallet. Make up mothers day gift and a fathers day gift :) Frank bought my dad something from Puma! Um.. I also bought 2 rings, a pair of earrings, a red peacoat (SO CUTE!), & a chiffon top. Everything was super cheap ^^ After shopping, we went to Denny's for dinner. Superrrrrr long drive home. Had to sing to keep babe awake :P .. LOL The day was simply amazing! :) I vlogged the entire thing ^^ Yeahh, that's about it. A day full of laughter and fun with the bessssssssts!

Thursday, June 16, 2011-
Spent the entire day at home relaxing! At around 10pm, me, Frank, Viv, & Richard went to buy crepes! ^^ At around 11pm, my family bought pizza and buffalo wings. (We always order food super late at night!) LOL Chilled, talked, relaxed. Superrrrrrr tired so i'm going to sleep now! The part 3 of our Sacramento trip is uploading right now! 214 minutes remaining so it should be done at around 6am. I'm going to put it on public right away! Not going to be able to put up annotations until 2m afternoon. I'll upload my VS haul 2m as well even though it's out of order :P... I plan to record a nail tutorial 2m! And clean my room. I need to do something productive. LOL Okie dokes, gonna sleep now. Have a lovely day! Xoxo

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