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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011-
Showered my boo boo today (Hunter). I swear, he's part wild. LOL He's the most energetic dog I've ever seen! But no matter how many times he accidentally bites my skin & no matter how many times he scratches me with his sharp nails, I still love him to death. It's crazy how attached I am to him already. He's my baby! LOL Anywhos, I spent the majority of my morning with Hunter. In the afternoon, my best friend, Jeanie, invited herself over. LOL! It was after the SAT exam so she just wanted to chill. We talked for hours and she left at around dinner time :) I had dinner with my family. After dinner, I cleaned my room. At around 10pm, I got ready for bowling. Wore my juicy hoodie and put my bangs up :P Kind of lazy today. Umm, went to bowling with Frank, Viv, Richard, Mei, & Mikey! After bowling, we went to Jollibees. I just got home and I'm exhausted! Time for bed. Nighty nights ^^ Oh and I'm looking for some book recommendations! If there are any books that you really love, please let me know! :) Thanks in advance ^^

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