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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sacramento Pictures, Part 1- (Part 2 below)
I've already posted a detailed summary of my trip, but I'll briefly narrate as I show you guys the pictures :P I'm wearing the same ruffly white top. Too lazy to think of a new outfit! On the car ride to Six Flags ^^
Parking at a random neighborhood so we can bundle up into one car to save parking fee :P...
This is kind of cool! (I hate how I look in these pictures but w/e. It's for memories.)Six flags! ^^
On the way to Sac.
Waiting for boiling crab. I'm not photogenic in any way. I'm always moded! :/
Babe takes forever to take a picture. People were walking by and I felt silly holding up the peace sign. Once I put it down, he takes the picture -.-... LOL Hence, the downward peace sign :)
Babe :)
Richard, Viv, Mei, & Mikey!
The girls :)

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