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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011-
Short day of school & Vivian didn't even have school so we decided to go boating in the afternoon! We were initially going to go to the beach but it wasn't hot enough :/ It was pretty hot though! ^^ Went to GGP boating w/ Frank, Viv, & Richard! Got the row boat. Ummm ate at Golden Island Cafe afterward and then came homeee. No homework tonight (First time in ages..) so i'm catching up w/ my blog! I have 3 outfit videos recorded but none edited :/ I think i'll edit 1 or 2 tonight and hopefully upload them. Hm... thats about it! Took a lot of pics today! Had a really lovely day ^^

I'm a huge camera whore :P
LOLL Stupid babe -.-
I was moving my bangs out of the way but it looks like i'm shy LOL I hate babe and his perfect teeth >:/ So jealous.
Viv & Richard!
My braces actually don't look THAT bad here. But they do in other pics ):
Bad lighting :/
My favvvvv :)
Beautiful day ^^
Pretty water fall area.
With Vivvv.
My braces are so gross >:/ LOL Reason why i don't smile w/ teeth anymore. Got the whole group! (Even though my hair looks... crazy)
Phone pic :P

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